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Visual artist Craig Huber has been creating delights for the eyes and the mind since 1974. Craig has been fascinated with Mandala imagery for more than 25 years when he originally began to design and hand craft Kaleidoscopes. The circular repetitive imagery contained within a Mandala combines his love of symmetry, geometry, metaphysics and astrology. Craig is an inventor, designer, craftsman, astrologer and intuit.

In 1977, Craig began designing and handcrafting his mirrored and stained glass sculptures in a studio behind his home in down town Eugene, Oregon. Selling at Pacific Northwest art fairs, these innovative sculptures gained a national following and have continued to sell in museums, fine art galleries through out the U.S., Canada and abroad. In 1980, Craig had his initial inspiration to become a Kaleidoscope designer and artist and he developed his Kaleidoscope business, Galaxy Glass Works. His Kaleidoscopes have since been featured in Smithsonian Catalog numerous times as well as The Fleet Center Space Museum in San Diego. It was here that he produced a series of oversized exhibit Kaleidoscopes. In the mid 1990's, Craig created exhibit sized Video and Projection Kaleidoscopes for The Gap Stores through out the U.S. In the late 1990's, Craig conceived "ART ANGELS" which is his innovative idea of uniting "art patronage with charitable acts of loving-kindness."

The 21st century finds Craig producing limited edition Kaleidoscopes, Sculptures, designing prints of Mandalas under the name of "Sacred Mandala"and publishing photographs and prints of Oregon. Galaxy Glass Works was commissioned to produce personal Kaleidoscopes for the cable channel Bravo and later its parent company Rainbow Media. Craig has designed and co-produced several large art pieces for the Oregon Country Fair.

1974 to present

  • Designs and builds 3-dimensional stained glass sculpture and Mobiles.

1980-to Present


  • Designing and publishing Mandala photos, giclee prints and note cards: Sacred Mandala
  • Photographing and publishing photos, giclee prints and note cards of Oregon: I-Love-Oregon


  • Designed and built "Optical Eye" video Kaleidoscope
  • Designing limited edition “Mandala” prints under the name of “Sacred Mandala”
  • Managing production techniques for SeedBallz in Oregon, Arizona and the UK


  • Designed limited edition prints of Mandalas under the name of "Sacred Mandala”
  • Created manufacturing equipment and production techniques for “SeedBallz” in Oregon, Arizona and the UK


  • Designed greeting card line and limited edition prints under the name of “Sacred Mandala”
  • Co-designed & built (in collaboration) the “Steel Pole Star”, a permanent sculpture of a Platonic Solid constructed of steel for the Oregon Country Fair, Veneta Oregon. (stellated icosahedron: 29 feet in diameter)


  • Commissioned to design, hand build and produce promotional hand held Kaleidoscopes for Rainbow Media and its subsidiary, the cable channel Bravo.
  • Co-designed & hand built (in collaboration) the “Pole Star” for the Oregon Country Fair. This is a sculpture of a Platonic Solid constructed of wood and steel. (stellated icosahedrons: 20 feet in diameter)


  • Designed and hand built (in collaboration) the “2001” Monolith. This 9 foot structure was constructed of Optical quality mirror to create an infinite illusionary visual effect. (Size: 9 feet – height, 6 feet – length, 4 feet - width)


  • Designed and collaborated in the construction of the permanent earthen works Labyrinth at the Oregon Country Fair, Veneta Oregon. This Labyrinth provides a walking path and meditation space for both visitors and staff of the Oregon Fair. (Size: 90 feet --120 feet).
  • Commissioned to design, hand build and produce 500 hand held Kaleidoscopes for “Bravo” a cable television channel in conjunction with their advertising and promotional department.


  • Designed and hand built as a collaborative team project, “ The Big One”. This Kaleidoscope was designed and built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, Oregon. It is on display September through June in the Fern Ridge Public Library, Veneta Oregon. (Size: 7 feet – height, 5 feet – circumference)


  • The initial inspiration and development of Craig’s project "Art Angels" which is his innovative idea of uniting "art patronage with charitable acts of loving-kindness.” From 1998 through 2003 various individuals and families have purchased and donated Kaleidoscopes to various Pediatric Hospitals, including Sacred Heart Hospital: Eugene, Oregon; Children's Hospital of Michigan; Children's Hospital: Columbus, Ohio; Shands Hospital Gainesville Florida and Dornbecker Pediatric (Oregon Health Science Center) in Portland, Oregon. The Kaleidoscopes are used in conjunction with Child Life Services and various pediatric therapeutic programs to assist in pain management and stress reduction.

1996 & 1997

  • Designed & produced various Video Kaleidoscopes utilized in Pediatric dental offices.

1994 & 1995

  • Designed and hand built a series of Video Kaleidoscopes, that projected “real time” Kaleidoscopic images for The Gap Stores International. These were exhibited nationally including the flag ship stores in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • Galaxy Glass Works evolves into Cosmic Creations, Inc. The Galaxy became universal.


  • Collaborated on a commission of a series of oversized exhibit Kaleidoscopes for the The Fleet Center Space Museum of San Diego.

1986, 1987 & 1989

  • Designed and hand built hand-held Kaleidoscopes featured in the Smithsonian Catalog, The Smithsonian Air & Space Catalog, The Mole Hole Catalog and The Light Opera Catalog


Presently, Craig continues to actively promote and pursue his project of “Art Angels” which is an innovative and unique concept and project that combines a support of the arts with charitable acts of loving kindness. He believes that Kaleidoscopes (and all art) have intrinsic healing qualities and are a source of inspiration and entertainment for hospitalized children and their parents. He also continues to design and create his first loves: Mobiles, Kinetic Art and Kaleidoscopic Glass Three Dimensional Sculpture.

Craig’s personal interests, which he actively pursues, include the study and practice of astrology and Process Oriented Psychology. He enjoys renovating his home and studio, jogging, gardening, camping, kayaking, downhill skiing and touring the back roads of Oregon. He is a long time advocate of all forms of alternative transportation and is involved in local/city transportation issues. Most central in his life is his family, including his wife Annie and their 20-year-old daughter Zoe. They are all prone to taking great adventures together.



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